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Tax Workshop by LEXICON
Islamabad Workshop: Taxation of Salaried Individuals & E-Filing
7:00 pm - 5:00 pm
IQRA University, Islamabad Campus

Day Long Workshop Taxation of Salaried Individuals & E-Filing INTRODUCTION AND TRAINING OBJECTIVE According to Income Tax Ordinance 2001 its mandatory for individuals whose...

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September 29, 2019

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

What People Say

Salman Javed

Muhammad Salman Javed, AFA, MIPA

Assistant Manager, China Enterprises

LEXICON is the mark of Hope and excellence. I have a craze for it because it is a
unique Business and Finance School which has launched dynamic, accredited and
flexible learning programs. I am proud to be its family member as I need much more to
be a professional Accountant for the benefit of myself and society as well.

Faiza Safdar

Faiza Safdar, AFA, MIPA

Scientific Assistant, KRL

I am very proud to be member of IFA UK and IPA Australia through Advanced Diploma
in Accounting and Finance (ADAF) by LEXICON that is great value addition. I just want
to say do what you want, that make you happy and when you sometime you look back
it’s worth seeing.


Jahanzaib Ghani, AFA UK MIPA

Manager – Finance & Accounts, Habib Asset Management Limited
Having such a precious Diploma in Financial Reporting from LEXICON helped me a lot to attain a valuable position in financial sector. This qualification makes feel more professional. Not only it strengthen my knowledge, but also increases my skills and capabilities.

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